Friday, January 25, 2013

Milly turns 3!

We've had a busy, but very fun week of preparing for Milly's 3rd birthday party this past week.  There was not meant to be a party at all, it just kind of happened and I'm so glad it did.  She really had a great time, both leading up to, and the actual party itself and so did I.

She has recently developed a thing for fairies, so when we knew we were going to have a few guests coming I got 'pinteresting' straight away and boy did I hit the jackpot for ideas! I decided on Peg fairies (I used scraps of fabric cut into petal shapes and coloured card for the wings), tissue paper flowers for the tables, and wand making and canvas painting to keep the little fairies busy.

I had sewn the girls some 'Tinkerbell skirts' already and I made them some wings. Seeing as though we only invited one other child, I made her costume too.   I didn't take any photos of the wing making process, but there are tutorials all over pinterest or just make it up!

Homemade costume
Birthday present costume

I put our tables outside and bought some cheap poplin (even cheaper in the 1/2 price fabric sale lincraft was having at the time) with pretty coloured polka dots and flowers to use as table cloths.  I didn't actually sew these at all, just put them on as fabric pieces, so now I have some pretty material for a few summer dresses. I put vases of 'fresh' flowers on the tables too!

The skirts were also very simple, but again I have no photos of the process. I've just tried to type instructions without photos and it sounds complicated and makes no sense so I'm giving up, but they were VERY simple to make and I just made it up as I went along.

The cake was one she picked from my AWW kids cake book with a few things added from other cakes in the book and some of our own ideas. I've never decorated a cake before so I was a bit worried, but daddy took the girls out for the whole day before the party, so I was uninterrupted and didn't have too much trouble.

For the wand making I just cut out some star shapes on coloured card and went for a walk in our bushland to collect some bamboo sticks to tape them onto.  I ran out of time to paint the sticks before hand, but nobody seemed to notice.  I also gave them some blank canvases to paint on, which was a big hit!

I also set up the princess tent she received for her birthday last year and put every fairy themed book in their collection in there incase they wanted some quiet time.  To my surprise, they actually did sit in there and read to each other and then they ate their dinner in there too!

Dinner, as requested by Milly, was sausages and homemade pizza.  The rest of dinner (not requested by Milly) was marinated chicken, salads and veges.

Desert was birthday cake and multicoloured layered jelly.

Opening her present from mummy and daddy.

Overall, she really had a great time and soaked up the afternoon with her fairy sister and fairy friend just enjoying herself.  Myself and daddy had a really good time too! 

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