Sunday, May 22, 2011

A quick photoless update.

Hello!!! Well, we moved into the shed about 5 weeks ago now and, although it is an absolute mess with boxes and lots of work still to be done, we do love it! I know 5 weeks is plenty of time to unpack boxes, but we were given a wall and have decided to use it inside, so until that goes up I can't unpack into the furniture around it.  We have been showering down the road at a relatives place the last few weeks as we had no hot water, but that's all sorted now, which makes life easier.  Although, this week the toilet broke and I much prefered having a toilet and no shower, instead of the other way around.   

On the pregnancy front, I'm now 26 weeks and starting to panic about how quickly this pregnancy is going.  We're going to have a baby in no time! Had a checkup at the hospital this week and all is going well so far. The pregnancy insomnia has definitely set in as it is 4 in the morning at the moment and I'm wide awake. 

Our little lady is as cute as ever and I've been lucky enough to get some snuggles in bed since we moved into the shed, as she gets quite cold in the night.  She's never been a cuddly girl so I'm loving this at the moment and I think daddy is too! 

Well, we are actually having a sleep over at daddy's parents place tonight as daddy had a gig in town and I went to watch, so I'm not on my own computer and this one seems to be a bit faulty (randomnly jumps lines and keys don't work), so I'm off.  When we have our internet set up, I will put new photos of the shouse up. 

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