Thursday, June 9, 2011

I can't wait!!!

Well, no photos again, because I still haven't had time to hook up internet at the shouse, so I'm on someone else's computer again (thanks Nan), but I wanted to share the excitement of my life right now. Due to everything getting completely on top of me (you don't need a list, everyone is busy) I am finishing work 2 weeks earlier than planned (at my boss's suggestion, so guilt free) and using up my 2 weeks worth of sick leave as 'stress' leave.  This is great, because I didn't have to start my maternity leave early and my doctor was completely willing to come to the party with a medical certificate, but I don't feel quite right using the term 'stress' leave, it seems a bit dramatic for my situation.  It's more like 'drowing in life and need some air' leave.  I'm completely fine and not breaking out in rashes or coming down with everything under sun or anything like that, I just need less to do right now.

So anyway, I have 1.5 days to go and I am so excited.  If only report cards weren't due at the end of that 1.5 days.  I'm so excited to be able to stay home with my lady again.  I've missed her so much, but I know she has a great time with Daddy through the day when I'm gone.  I often come home to a drawing, random towers of blocks throughout the shouse, a bucket full of dirt and rocks in the yard, a VERY grubby face and can't find any of my shoes.  Even though daddy isn't very good at cleaning up her messes, I'm glad, because it's like a series of clues on what they did that day and I spend the first hour at home discovering things and asking about their day and, to be completely honest, my mind frame on cleaning lately has been very much along the lines of 'I'm the only person who cares about the mess and I'm at work all day and don't have to see it anyway, so why waste the 2 precious hours I get to spend with them cleaning the place'.  Daddy's views on housework are things like dishes every 2nd day, washing once a week, what's a mop?, the dust will blow away on it's own and I'd rather be outside.  I'll be home for good in 1.5days anyway and I'll take back the house cleaning reigns.

I'm also looking forward to finally unpacking the rest of the boxes and setting the shouse up how I want it.  Not sure if this is frustration from living in a shambles of boxes for so long, or the nesting that comes with being 29 weeks pregnant.  Oh, and crafting, which I haven't even thought about since January when I started making the bunting.  I still have the bunting and I WILL finish it! I also want to crochet my little family some socks and make something for my growing baby.  Oooooh, and baking!!!! I forgot about baking.  I made  a chocolate cake a few weekends ago actually and it was one of the most enjoyable things of done lately.

Anyway, that's enough for now.  It's probably hard to keep you engaged without photos! We're off to Gladstone for a cousin's wedding this weekend and then the lady and I are going to spend a week with my parents so daddy can do some more work on the outside of the shouse and I can spend a week relaxing with the help of my mummy.  

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