Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What we've been up to!

Well, I have been enjoying myself immensely since I finished work.  I have been doing all of those things I mentioned I wanted to do in my last post and more! This is what we've been up to:

Lots of baking:


Do I have anything on my face mummy?
Choc chip biscuits

Berry yoghurt muffins
Pizza scrolls

Little Miss Fractured her arm by falling of a dining chair while she was helping me cook dinner one night. She was VERY brave and did a good job of wearing a sling for 2 weeks.  Not bad for an 18month old.  Hopefully my next night trip to the hospital will be to have a baby and not to get this one fixed!

We've been enjoying painting onto old nappy boxes.  She is still in her pyjamas in the first photo and if you look closely you can see the paint all around her mouth, all over her hands and all over her clothes.  She was under Daddy's watch at the time and he left for 2 seconds to go to the toilet and when he got back this is what she looked like.  

She's such a big girl now that she likes to think she can carry her new backpack.  She wobbles from side to side and falls over about every 3 steps, but she is so determined to do it on her own that I just stand back, watch and giggle. 

We've also been doing some gardening.  My veggie garden is still waiting for it's top soil and I've gotten impatient and started planting things in pots instead.  This is Little Miss with own shovel, bucket and lettuce seedling.  She loves to dig and water with the watering can.

I've been enjoying night times on the couch watching Frasier episodes (I almost wasn't going to admit to this, but in a few years time when I look back on this I'll want to remember that I was completely addicted to Frasier during my whole second pregnancy.  While I'm watching TV I've been crocheting a throw for the couch and thinking about crocheting a blankie for the baby.  I'm 37 weeks exactly here.  I've also been eating plenty of things that aren't good for you while watch TV and crochet and this particular nights delicacy was some of the above mentioned choc chip biscuits.  When I made that batch I froze some of the dough and sliced and baked it after dinner last night.

I realised today when I was making icing for a chocolate cake that I don't ever remember my mum licking the beaters.  It occurred to me that this is because she gave them to me and my sister.  I'm thinking now that with a second daughter on the way MY days of licking the beaters are nearly over.  I've already had to cut down to one so my little lady gets one.  This was her first time and she thought it was amazing.
Licking the beaters

I know this is a terrible photo and it's really hard to see, but this is me at 37 weeks the second time around.  The sun comes through those french doors onto the mirror at any time of day and I don't like asking daddy to take my photo, because I hate trying to pose, so this will have to do for now.  I'm almost past the same time that Little Miss was born and heading into unknown territory.  I'm very uncomfortable and ready to have my baby girl out in the world.  Mostly I'm sick of having to ask for help to do so many things.  My baby belly is smaller this time around, but I'm in so much more pain and I've been sooooooooo much busier this time around.
37 weeks

So there you go. I've been baking (a lot and loving it!), crocheting, gardening and playing with my lady. I plan to do a post on some of her current favourites and really regret not having kept up with those posts as there have been so many changes and developments over the past few months.  Hopefully now that the internet has finally been connected at the 'Shouse' I can do these more often.  

As well as simple activities that have been bringing me endless joy (because they are not 'work') I have been sorting through Little Miss's newborn clothes and washed them all in LUX soap flakes and put them in the drawers ready for the new baby to wear.  The cupboard smells FANTASTIC! We have borrowed a bassinet this time around as our place is much smaller than last time and a cot won't fit in our room.  We don't even have a possible list of names and I'm hoping something amazing jumps out at me soon.  If you're reading and you have a suggestion, go for it! 

That's more than enough from me for now, but I'll be back in the next few days (provided I'm not off having a baby) with an update on the Little Lady.  

I've just previewed this post and need to apologise for the photos in a line, but I don't know how to fix this.  Also, since taking these photos I have figured out how to turn the flash off the camera on my iphone, so hopefully they'll be better from now on.  

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  1. My goodness, last time I dropped by she was so little! Well what a capable little Missy- soooo cute. She is going to be a most excellent big sister!