Monday, January 16, 2012

This is going to be a very boring post.  I'm not even sure why I'm writing it, but maybe it'll help bring back my motivation.  Since before Christmas I have had no motivation to sew or craft.  I started making a few christmas presents, but never finished them.

The thing is, usually when this happens I get really anxious and worried that I'm just being lazy and stuck in a rut.  It tends to freak me out a bit and I tend to get really proactive and make myself sew something and I usually get back into it.  This time, though, it doesn't seem to be bothering me. I should mention that this happens to me every few months and this is the first time since Claire was born.  I think I am finally learning to accept that sometimes it's ok to focus entirely on my home and my family and not feel like I have to fill my free time with doing something for myself.  Lately I have just been doing typical domestic things like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, tidying, etc and general maintenance (there is an awful lot of that here and just when you think you're up to date something else presents itself, the most recent being rain and we had to get out in the yard and dig to change the shape of the yard because the water was dangerously close to coming inside) and playing with my girls.  It's been a much more relaxed pace in the sense that because I haven't been trying to cram too much in I have time to be more organised, I get to places on time and my house seems tidier.

That was a bit of a ramble, but I think I'm trying to say that at the moment having a 2 year old (this week!!!!) and a 4 month old and living in the 'shouse' just has me too busy to do too much other than maintain the 'shouse' and look after my family and I am ok with the lack of motivation to do anything else, because I feel pretty confident that when I do have time again, the motivation will come back. Also, I LOVE that I have the opportunity to do nothing but care for my family.

Here's hoping my motivation comes back soon, but in the meantime I'm very content with life at home.  

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