Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Favourites again...

Has recently turned 2 and some of her favourites at this amazing age (are they all amazing?  I'm only up to age 2, but each new age is amazing to me!) include:

Singing! Seriously, if she's not talking (which admittedly is rare) she is probably singing.  Some of her favourite songs are twinkle twinkle, one banana two banana (or whatever it's called), the 'diddle up a tree' song from play school, baa baa black sheep.  Sometimes she just hums the melody and she is even on tune (I'm a qualified musician, so I'm not just being a biased mother I promise!) a lot of the time.  Today she was just singing the word 'quack' to the tune of twinkle twinkle and at the moment she is hanging over the baby gate to her room (she should be in bed sleeping) humming.

Play school.  She got a DVD from us for her birthday and watches one episode every morning when she needs a rest, but not a sleep.  Luckily for me this usually coincides with Claire having a morning sleep so I get 25 minutes to either use for myself, watch play school, or get some housework done without interruptions.

Jumping on the trampoline is still a big favourite and she gets to do it most afternoons.

Riding her big girl bike that she got for christmas.  Although her great aunty that lived 2 properties down has just moved very far away so we haven't been riding for awhile.  Must remember to take her for a ride to check the mail box tomorrow!

Swimming lessons. She's definitely getting her confidence in the water back after no swimming for a good 9 months.

Finally, I'd say her absolute biggest favourite thing to do right now is play with her figurines.  She has some little people, some toys from happy meals and some farm animals and she loves to cart them around the 'shouse' and make them 'do' different things.  I don't have many photos (MUST take some more), but she does things like line them up on the floor or the couch or a chair or stand them in a circle all around her cereal bowl and says 'they watching Minnie eat', or in the sandpit or the rocker.  Pretty much everywhere.  She also loves to have tea parties with them.  She always removes the lid of the teapot before she pours them a cup of tea and she makes a pretend eating noise when they take sips from their tea cups.  She often describes what's happening as it happens to herself.

Milly is also starting to want to interact with her baby sister more and gets so excited when Claire can get involved in something she is doing.  Although, she's not too happy with the handfuls of hair that Claire removes or when Claire accidentally catches a toy she is, was, or might want to sometime in the future play with.  She tries to give her a dummy, gives her toys to play with and ALWAYS has to give her a kiss and a cuddle if she is going somewhere without her.  Actually, she's pretty relentless with that last one no matter who it is.  She gets seriously upset if she thinks someone is leaving and she hasn't given them a kiss and a cuddle goodbye.  Something that became habit for us when we lived in Brisbane because we didn't see relatives very often and it has really stuck with her.  She will not go to bed without giving me and daddy a kiss and a cuddle, but she will accept an explanation if Lyle is at work when she goes to bed.

She is also starting to want to do things 'by herself'.  (Not sure why she talks in the third person so much, but she does!)

Claire is nearly 5 months old and is so so so so adorable and cute and I could just smell her sweet baby breath all day ( in between cuddles of course).  I'm sure this girl gets more kisses than she wants what with me, daddy and her adoring big sister slobbering all over her all day long.

She is doing all of the typical things a baby of this age does like grabbing things and catching her feet and eating them and whatnot, so I'm not going to record those, but I'm going to record the things that make her HER.

Claire is very happy to go to almost anyone, although her face just lights up with a huge smile if she sees me.  Also with Milly and daddy, but mostly me.  She does get a bit worried if she can't see me for awhile or if she is with someone very new to her.

Claire has been going on the swing a little bit over the last week and she LOVES it! She just smiles and giggles the whole time.  OR if she's really relaxed she falls asleep.  She especially loves it if she can see Milly jumping on the trampoline at the same time.

She loves playing with her toys and her favourites are a lamaze caterpillar, a butterfly rattle, a cube with taggies on it and her activity centre.  She plays happily with them for ages.

She really enjoys tummy time and probably prefers to be on her tummy rather than her back.  She likes to be able to look around and see all her favourite people, especially so she can see what her sister is up to.  She just loves that girl.

She loves to chat and touch my face while she's 'talking' to me.

She likes it when I make her 'walk' around the house chasing Milly or when she stands on the trampoline while Milly is jumping (Milly's only light, so it's not too much bouncing for Claire).

She's enjoying her swimming lessons and is very relaxed when she's floating in the water.

Last night she was dropping her bottom lip and had the saddest little face all because Daddy was blowing on the pitch pipe to tune his bass.  Everytime he blew it her bottom lip dropped and her chin trembled.  I wanted to video it, but I felt too mean so I just gave her some extra cuddles instead.  It was so adorable, but so heartbreaking at the same time.

I'm enjoying getting in the pool for swimming lessons or the creek every few days in this heat.

I'm enjoying the fact that we are finally, although barely, getting settled enough in this place to get some sort of weekly routine happening.  It's making me appreciate the days at home a little bit more and using my time at home more efficiently.  We are still a long way from being settled, but it will never happen here in the amount of time we are going to be here for, so we're just doing the best we can manage.

Gardening - put in a herb garden, planted some stuff in a new garden bed.

Mostly, I am loving the fact that we have a plan to buy a house in Brisbane in the next few years.  This is a whole new plan, but Daddy and I seem to make big plans and then either stick to them or find a way to make them work even better for us.  We are still going overseas at the end of the year at this stage ( there is one instance that may change this, but I can't see it happening), but we have come up with a plan to be able to buy hopefully only a year after we come back instead of lots of years after we come back.  I'm disclosing the plan at this stage, but I think it will work.

Getting a lot more time to practice now that we are slowly getting more settled.

I plan to do some posts on the rooms of the 'shouse' soon, it's just difficult to align a room looking mildly presentable with knowing where the camera is and having the time to take photos.

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