Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random happenings

Well, since my last post I have thought of a few things I want to post about, but didn't get around to it, so I'll put them together here.

Firstly, I wanted to write about the amazing christmas presents we got (even though that was over a week ago).  Everyone was so thoughtful and we got so many useful things for our new house, including rugs for the floor, outdoor lights, farmers hats, a gift voucher for the good guys (how fun) and lots of other things.  BUT, there was one gift that really stood out for me and infact I burst into tears when I got it.  Daddy's sister put a lot of thought and effort into her presents this year and went with handmade presents.  She put effects on some photos with photo shop and printed them on canvas for various people.  Ours was 2 prints about 30cm square each and have a some kind of effect to make them look like they were painted.  One is of the house we just moved out of in Brisbane and the other is of the Shed house.  Now I know the house in Brisbane was just a rental, but we loved the house and it is the house that was Little Miss's home for her first year of life.  (I'm choking up as I write this, what a sook! Although, I'm also listening to Rootless Tree by Damien Rice so that's not helping my emotional state).  Anyway, I loved the present so much and I am so grateful that Little Miss has such a great, thoughtful Aunty to grow up with.   (one of two, incase my sister is reading this!)

Left: Brisbane house Right: Shed house

The present Little Miss got from her Aunty was just as amazing and thoughtful and I can't wait to get into our shed and paint the walls so I can hang these lovely prints up.  So much for not giving her name away! Oh well, I had to show you, they look so good.

Terrible photo, but each print has something on it that starts with that letter: Apple, Meerkat, Elephant, Lion, Iguana and Antelope

I have a few other things to post about, but I think I'll do them separately.

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