Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Street sign update

A few days ago I posted about the rut I seem to be stuck in and I had a few projects to get me out of it.  I'm  pleased to report that as soon as I finished that post I took Little Miss for a walk and then Daddy came home and we went for a swim.  It seems the post worked! At least temporarily anyway.

I also got working on my street sign project that you can read about here. I now have a photo so I can stop trying to describe what it is I'm trying to do with our street number, because I was doing a terrible job of that!

This one is my pretend mother -in-law's.  I didn't look at it closely before I started cutting circles for my own and I have cut out way too many, but I'm sure I can use them all somehow.  Our number is 4 digits so I need to come up with 2 other patterns.  I'm thinking stripes for one and am hoping for suggestions for the other one.  Please?

It is difficult to photograph reflective vinyl in a dark room!
My pretend MIL is holidaying in New Zealand at the moment, so I am waiting for her to come back before I actually start sticking anything.  She is a clever lady and more often than not has a much smarter way of doing things than I do. I love to learn from watching her do anything.  Especially sewing! (I'm good at getting of topic aren't I?)

I should have more to show you in a week or so.  I haven't made it to Spotlight yet, so there has been no progress on the bunting.  I do, however, have a location and a guest list for Little Miss's 1st birthday party and I will get invitations today hopefully.


  1. These are great Teegan!
    Hope you are safe from flooding and you are settling in well to your new home. xx

  2. Thanks! Yes, we moved from Brisbane about 3 weeks ago luckily. Our suburb would have been fine though and I'm sorry that we're not there to offer accommodation to friends that need it right now. The new home is coming along and as soon as I put the photos on the computer I will do an updated post.