Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stuck in a rut

Grrr, I think I need a good shaking and I'm hoping this post will do the trick. A few months ago, after getting into a routine with a baby and things starting to return to normal I found myself feeling a bit (incredibly) lost.  Until then I had always been either studying or working and was used to having deadlines and people relying on me to keep me focused and motivated.  I dislike the fact that it takes something like a deadline or someone else to motivate me and it's something I'm trying to fix (and getting better at), but that's how it is.  Then I really got stuck into sewing and crafting and moving and christmas and, although it sometimes took a little 'pep talk' from myself to do something, I was getting much better and feeling a lot better.  This is also one of the reasons I started blogging.  To keep me focused and motivated.

Now that we are here and Daddy is out at the shed working everyday and it's just me and Little Miss, (although her aunty has been here for the last week and that was fantastic) I feel myself getting back into my rut, which involved watching TV and sleeping when Little Miss sleeps and having no energy and not eating very well and being lazy.  I do have a few projects I could be working on and I thought that if I blogged about them I might actually do them.

Firstly, I really should organise Little Miss's 1st birthday party, which is in 2 weeks. Something I want to do for it is make a pink and red themed bunting to decorate the party and later decorate her bedroom.  I haven't started this, because I need to make a trip to spotlight to get some fabric.  I think I will do that tomorrow. I think I'll use THIS tutorial as a rough guide.

Another project is making a street number sign for the shed.  My pretend mother-in-law (daddy and I aren't married, but have been together for 10 years) made one out of pretty coloured sticky vinyl offcuts for herself and her parents and I am going to make one for us (with her suggestions and guidance along the way I hope!).  Clearly I am not doing this project justice by trying to describe it to you so I will take some photos tomorrow and re-blog about it.

Both of those projects are more than enough to keep me busy, along with visits out to the shed now that we have a playpen and can actually put Little Miss (who is now walking by the way!!!) down on the floor.  Also, as soon I get my sim card sent to me I will have people's phone numbers so that I can catch up with all the relatives I moved here to be closer to.

Here's a funny fact: We moved here to be closer to our family.  My parents are currently in Austria and Daddy's parents are currently in New Zealand.

Sorry that was such a long rambling post. Maybe this one was a bit of a selfish vent.  If you listened then thank-you!

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