Monday, August 22, 2011

Exciting Shouse developments!

Ok, when I say exciting it might seem a bit odd, because I am mostly talking about shelves, BUT shelves mean I can unpack things properly and in a more useable manner.  I now have all my craft stuff out and it has inspired me to make a few things.  

These are my new shelves.  There is only one supporting beam down the middle so this is as big as my shelves could be without needing support at each end, but they are a metre long each and so far they hold everything I want them to.  I was way too excited to get them up and get craft things unpacked to be bothered painting them and waiting for paint to dry so they are just bare pieces of pine, but maybe one day I'll be bothered staining or painting them.  (probably not!) Underneath my shelves is a little solid timber table to put my laptop/sewing machine.  I glued some red and white polka dot fabric to an old pinboard to put on the wall between the desk and the shelves.  

While I was photographing my shelves there was a little lady in the background sitting in her dolls pram and playing with monkey and pink cat. 

Now for some perspective.  My craft space is a tiny metre wide spot in the corner of the already crowded lounge room, but I love it.  It's my new little 'happy space' and I get a little jolt of joy every time I walk in and see it.  That sliding glass door leads to outside.  In the other corner daddy is playing the piano and in between the corners are daddy's guitars, which will hopefully be moving to the tank once it's fitted.

 This is the perspective from behind the couch.  Ignoring the pile of stuff in the shelves behind daddy.  That's one of the little jobs I have been neglecting to do, but I will get there. That big plastic container isn't usually there.  That's what had my craft stuff in it.  As long as we keep it tidy it doesn't feel too small.

Another exciting thing for me is these hooks.  I was given them for my birthday way back in May, but they were white and because we have white walls I had nowhere to hang them.  I FINALLY remembered to buy some spray paint at Bunnings on the weekend and painted them.  Now I just have to decide where I want them.

Since putting up my shelves (which I put up with minimal help from daddy, I feel I need to say, because that means I used a drill and for some reason I'm very scared of power tools) I have been inspired to sew.  Miss Milly loving putting her 'babies' to sleep at the moment so I thought I would have a go at making this dolls quilt for her.  (Sorry about the sideways photo, but I couldn't figure out how to rotate it).

I'm well and truly nesting.  I have re-arranged this hutch 3 times in the last week and cleaned the set of bookshelves.  

I'm hoping to have a baby tonight so maybe the next post you see from me will be a baby post.  Fingers crossed please!!!!

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  1. Your place looks so homely :-) That window is superb!! I love corugated (?) iron :-) Love a hutch in the kitchen :-) Juicy birth vibes being sent your way :-) xo