Friday, August 19, 2011

Her favourites!

It's been so long since I did one of these posts! So much has changed and I wish I had kept up to date with them, but what can you do with no home internet I suppose?  Anyway, these are some of her favourites at the moment. 

Playing with her babies and feeding them and putting them to sleep.  She lies them down and says 'noy noyt, baby' and then straight away says 'det up, baby' and picks them up.  She also makes them jump and dance. Here she is feeding baby monkey a sultana. 

Playing with the blocks at the library.  She brings them to me one at a time and tells me what colour they are then piles them up.  This is her saying 'Big tower'.

Playing with playdough. I've never really liked playdough much myself, but I'm so glad I got over it and gave her some to play with.  She LOVES it! In this picture she has made a snake, which I taught her to do, but she has also made something on her own.  Daddy pointed to the little V shaped thing in front of her and asked her what it was.  She said 'bu-fy' (butterfly).  No-one has ever made her a butterfly before so it was purely imagination and made me so excited, proud and emotional all at once.  (Crazy pregnant lady hormones probably!)

Wearing 'do air dye' (two hair ties).  She asks me for 2 hair ties and a 'pitty air cip' (pretty hair clip) when I do her hair every morning.  I also love her hair this way.  It makes her so grown up and extra cute!

This is bad photo, but she is lining rocks up on the doorstep.  She loves telling me if it is a big rock or little rock ( I don't think she really knows what it means though) and lining them up and counting them.  Then she gets a stick and flicks them all off.

Playing in the dirt. This photo was taken before 8 in the morning and she was filthy! It was the morning the tank got delivered and I just let her run wild in the dirt.  Needless to say, both her and the sleep suit have since been bathed!

A few of her other favourites that I don't have photos of include: jumping, watching the wiggles and doing some of the dance moves, counting, saying hello and goodbye to people, using a watering can to water plants, 'helping' me cook, putting money in a money box, putting her gum boots on and off, copying everything anyone says, talking to 'Ganma' on the phone and a million other things.  She is forever growing and changing and I love her to bits.  

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