Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas and the last week

My titles are quite boring aren't they?! It's because I just want to get started writing and I'm too impatient to spend time coming up with something witty.  Nevermind!

So, Christmas was 2 days ago now.  We had a VERY wet day, preceded and followed by wet days! We started with getting Daddy out of bed, which took me, Little Miss, Daddy's sister and her boyfriend.  I bossed, Little Miss tried being cute with her aunty's help, and her boyfriend flew a remote control helicopter around the bed.  I think it was the helicopter that did the trick.  We then passed around presents while Little Miss ate breakfast and started saying 'ta' for the first time.  Daddy and I got some really great presents and Little Miss was absolutely spoilt.  

Waking daddy up

Testing out a present
We then had breakfast with some of Daddy's family which involved more present opening, followed by lunch with some of my family and even more present opening.  We drove through a lot of water that day and I even had to get out and wade through some water over the road and Daddy followed behind me in the car.

The evening was spent with more of Daddy's family and was a great way to end a lovely day.

Little Miss was a bit cranky for her first christmas, but she has 2 new teeth to show for it! Christmas day was the first day Little Miss took more than one step, and since then she has started walking about 10 metres at a time with no help at all.  I'm trying to think what her favourite present was, but I don't think there is a specific one.  She loves her tricycle from her Uncle and her xylophone from mummy and daddy.

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On boxing day we went to one of Daddy's aunty's for lunch.  (She lives about 1km away from our shed!) We popped into the shed to see how it was going and found it almost flooded due to so much build up of fallen leaves and rubbish, so Daddy, his sister and her boyfriend took shovels down and dug a trench.  I'm yet to see this, but they assure me it worked.  

After trench digging

We also have some new doors on the shed, but I don't have photo to share yet.  If the rain ever slows down we will get back out there and I will take some photos.

I hope anyone reading this had a lovely and slightly drier christmas than we did.  My next project (other than the shed) is Little Miss's first birthday party.  Any ideas? (don't forget to consider the rain)

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  1. So glad to see that you have all arrived safe Teegan and that you had a wonderful christmas! What a lovely way to keep updated on what you have been doing, cant wait to see how the shed turns out! Love Leisha