Sunday, December 12, 2010

Favourite things to do...

My baby girl is growing up so fast! Every day she learns something new or surprises me with a new skill. I also can't believe how much personality she has already at 10 1/2 months. Not because I don't think other babies do, just because I haven't spent too much time with babies of this age before and didn't know about it until now.  Here a few of her favourite things to do at the moment:

1. Eat arrowroot biscuits and read books.  She loves 'touch and feel' books and quite often I notice she has gone quiet, only to discover she has crawled off to her room and is 'reading' a book.  The one in the picture is called 'Wooly's Walk' and it is her favourite at the moment.

2. Squeal at the birds in the yard. She loves watching any kind of animal at the moment and even tried to catch the ants that crawled past her in the backyard while I was hanging out washing yesterday.

3. Eat fresh summer fruits. This particular delicacy is a white flesh peach.

4. Play with and pull out wipes from the container. This is fine if I remember to close the lid, otherwise it's very messy!

5. Play with her 'dollies', made by Laura from sip one, stitch one for Little Miss's christmas present.  She absolutely loves them and has she has recently learnt to put things 'in' I find them everywhere from random boxes, to the filing cabinet.

I hope this post didn't bore anyone reading too much, but when I look back on this in a few weeks/months/years, I know I'll be glad I recorded it and I will keep doing so as she develops new 'favourites'.  I hope you enjoy her journey with me!

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  1. This is a lovely post. She is growing so quickly! I can't believe you'll be gone in a week. The next time I see her she'll be huge!