Sunday, December 12, 2010

The week in review

It has been a busy week what with moving cities in a week and christmas approaching.  As we get closer to our departure date I realise how many more people I wanted to see before I go, but have left it too late to organise anything.

In the past week I have managed to pack up most of the house with help from Little Miss, but not Daddy, who has been working like crazy these last few days.  There is now only the music room and a few odds and ends that we need to use over the week left to be packed.  This means it's time to start the cleaning. BORING!

Other things that have happened this week are:

I gave in to the need to craft and unpacked some crocheting to indulge in at night.  I learnt to crochet when I was pregnant with Little Miss and suffering from lots of swelling and high blood pressure.  I needed something to keep me occupied from the couch and there's only so much DVD watching and online crosswords one can handle.

Daddy and Little Miss played in the rain.

I witnessed Little Miss stand up without using anything to help her!

And I baked this interesting dish that actually tasted pretty good. It's tuna mac and cheese with chicken as well as tuna and an ensemble of other ingredients. With only one saucepan, one frypan and only a knife and fork it took a long time to put together, but I enjoyed discovering what I could do with what we have left in the house to eat.

Finally, this afternoon when I got Little Miss up from her nap there was a nappy in her cot.  I could not for the life of me figure out where it came from until I picked her up to find she was no longer wearing one! Now if only she could learn to put a clean one on and the old one in the bin!

I have just been on the phone to some of the very hardworking relatives in North Queensland and should have some photos of the latest developments to show you soon! Can't wait to see them myself!

Thanks for visiting! I'm off to play with a lovely little lady.


  1. Hi Teegan! Crochet is looking great in those colours and your little one is simply perfect....Oh I so look forward to following your adventures!

  2. Thank you Miss Prudence! Even though I've been crocheting for a year, I haven't done much and still don't really know what I'm doing, so I love the encouragement!