Monday, December 13, 2010

Shed update

Well, our family have been working very hard for us over the last few months to get things ready for our arrival.  Not only have they been busy cutting timber and building walls, but so many people have offered furniture and other things we need.  We were given a kitchen sink and cupboards by an Aunty of mine who recently renovated her kitchen.  We have been given copious amounts of furniture, which will be fantastic because, although we already own a lot of furniture, we have decided not to build internal walls to begin with, so we will need all the furniture to build rooms with.  I am hoping we will be able to do this in a way that doesn't make the place look like a second hand furniture store! My dad is a house painter and he has sourced a few things for us as well.  Another relative even found a rainwater tank for us!

Needs some work, but it'll do the job!
Things 'we' (all we did was organise, everyone else has actually done the physical work so far) have done to the shed so far include - cleared the block of fallen trees and overgrown weeds and guinea grass, cleared away a LOT of rubbish from previous tenants,  moved the tank and kitchen to the shed, had all the wiring checked and fixed (powerpoints and ceiling fans still to come), worked on fixing the pump for the bore, and finally, built a ceiling and walls halfway up the inside of the shed and put in a double glass sliding door.
Putting up the frame for the walls and ceiling

The ceiling and walls were only done this past weekend and it is very exciting for us! The rest of the walls are still to come and will probably be a job for us to do when we get there, but it is snake proof the way it is and that's all I care about for now.

The ceiling going up

You can see how far up the walls go in this photo
There are still a few things I haven't told you about the shed and I will do so now.  The shed is on quite a large piece of land (I don't know the exact measurements, or even an estimate, but there's quite a bit of land) and there is a creek that runs through the property.  One section of the creek runs quite close to the 'Shouse' and is apparently swimmable, but I haven't checked this out for myself yet.  The 'Shouse' is about 20 minutes drive from a supermarket or shopping centre, which will take a bit of getting used to as I currently live in Brisbane about 5 minutes drive from TWO major shopping centres and have gotten used to the convenience of it all. It is a very short drive to the nearest beach. There are lots of snakes, but they won't be able to get inside and we will keep the yard cleared.  Lastly (and this is the best bit of all), we have relatives of Daddy's within 3km of us in both directions.  Oh, and there is already a bush lemon tree there! I plan on having lots of fruit trees.

My mum picking lemons to make cheesecake

Part of the creek looking a bit unloved

There is officially only one week until we leave Brisbane and there is so much to happen in that week.  Good thing Little Miss is so well behaved and 'helpful' while Daddy and I are packing/cleaning.

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