Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's happening.

Wow, it's really happening! In less than 2 days I will be living in Mackay.  I have been so busy or overwhelmed by it all that I haven't had time to get sad, excited, nostalgic, or anything else one might feel when they decide to move their family to live in a shed that currently has 2.5 walls and is a long way from all the friends we've made over the last 4 years.  There are so many friends I'm leaving behind and so many friends that I haven't had a chance to see before I go, and I don't mean acquaintances, I mean really good friends and I haven't seen them.  I'm so shocked by this, that I don't even feel sad about it yet.  We didn't organise a going away party, which we intended to, so it became really difficult to find time to see everyone, what with work and so many other end of year functions happening.

Today was the day our stuff was packed into a trailer and left for Mackay.  Daddy's dad, uncle and brother drove the 12 hours down the coast so they could tow the trailer back for us and we will be forever grateful for the enormous amount of help and effort they put in for us.

The emply trailer
Our full trailer on its way!
Just to make this next bit very clear, I am not complaining about Daddy, but merely documenting events, just incase I forget! As I just mentioned, today was the day to pack the trailer.  Last night we went to a friends place for dinner and came home at 10:30pm.  Quite a reasonable hour to get to bed and be bright eyed and ready to work in the morning.  However, due to our (my) own stupidity we were locked out of the house for a bit when we got there as we had given one set of keys to Daddy's brother and someone left the other set at home.  Our neighbours were having a bbq and they asked to come over for a bit, so even with a VERY tired baby, we didn't really have anything else to do and agreed.  We went over for about 20 minutes before we were able to get back into our house.  I came home and put Little Miss to bed and raced back over to say goodbye to everyone (little miss was home with her uncle and grandad).  Well, within minutes I heard screaming and jumped the fence to find a little girl who was so overtired she just could not get herself to sleep.  Daddy came home and put her to sleep and popped back over for what he told me would be a drink or two.  At 1am they cranked the music and woke me from my 1/2 hour sleep. I did not get back to sleep even a little bit, until Daddy came home at 4:45am!!! Daddy then showered, ate and did goodness knows what else before coming to bed at 6:15am.  At 7 I woke him and he went with his dad to pick up the trailer (which took them an hour to find).

The good thing about all this is that Daddy was still very helpful all day and pulled his weight, and Little Miss was soooooo tired from her interrupted sleep that she slept for the entire 3 hours it took to pack the trailer!!! She's now having another nap while I type this.  I didn't get grumpy at Daddy, because he works so hard and is so busy that he rarely (maybe once a year) gets to have a night like this.

Little Miss having some lunch and supervising after a looong nap!
Anyway, that was long! All that's left to do is the cleaning and dropping stuff off at lifeline.  That will all be done tomorrow and then we are off the next day.  Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! In my head we are just going home for christmas and then we'll be back.  I'm sure it'll sink in soon!

The first of the cleaning - tidying the yard and mowing.  I will miss those trees.

It is now the next day and I have finally gotten a chance to add pictures and post this.  The update is that it is 7pm the day before we leave. It has rained ALL day, which is making packing the car a very cold, wet job.  I still have to finish cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and verandah and pack the car.  Daddy is at his last gig for the year, Little Miss has just gone to bed and has been amazingly easy to deal with all day,  just following  behind and keeping me entertained with her 'stories'. Daddy's sister and boyfriend are both staying here tonight and are helping with the cleaning.  I'm shouting everyone dinner, which they are picking up right now.  I'm about to write another unrelated post, then I will see you next from my new hometown.

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