Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is my first post ever and it has taken a lot of self encouragement to get over being shy and just get started.  There is no plan for this post, but seeing as though I am blogging about our move I'll tell you what's happening at the moment....  well, I'm blogging when I should be packing, daddy is at work and Little Miss is sleeping.  If I knew how to upload photos I would show you the shambles that is my lounge room, but instead I'll just tell you that it's full of boxes, baby toys and goodness knows what else. We leave in less than 2 weeks and I'm feeling very overwhelmed, but I know it will get done.  Especially now that I have finished making and wrapping all the christmas presents.

I have really enjoyed learning to 'sew as I go' with the christmas presents this year.  I only started sewing a few months ago so everything is a bit wonky and a bit 'higgledy piggledy' (most things I bake or make are), but wonky or not, they were made with love and I enjoyed every bit of the process.  I have had to pack the crafting/sewing kit so that I can't get distracted with new projects when I should be packing/cleaning and I will miss the comfort and feeling of accomplishment it gives me.

Well there are boxes to be packed and a baby that is calling so I'm signing off.  I'm glad I took the leap and wrote this first post.  I'm looking forward to writing the next one now!

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